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Three Floyds Yum Yum Pale Ale

Three Floyds Yum Yum Pale Ale

Prices from: $12.00 - $17.99
RegionIndiana, United States

Product Description

Our draft board is a safe harbor for at least three different FFF brews at all times, and we use our unique charm and friendly demeanor to talk the Munster, Indiana, cult favorite into handing over rare releases and new brews. And we’re throwing a party tonight, from 4pm-2am, as we point the spotlight at one of those exceptional new-outside-of-the-brewery releases: Yum Yum. It’s an American Session Ale, super sessionable at 5.5% — so plan on drinking the liquid equivalent of your own mass later tonight. Veterans of the brewery pilgrimage swear by this bright, fruity brew and you owe it to your own ‘beerducation’ to have a sampling, as we predict that this won’t be the last time Three Floyds knocks your socks off with special German hops.

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