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The Drizly guide to pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving. It is both a fun, festive way to get in the Halloween spirit and a gross, time-consuming project seemingly designed just to prove how much you suck at art. But what if you did something a little... different with that pumpkin this year? Something that involved drinks, perhaps.

Yes, we wrote a list of ways to add booze to pumpkin carving WOO HALLOWEEN.

#1 Make a cooler out of it

Okay, this one's pretty easy. First get yourself the biggest pumpkin you can carry (if you plan on having a lot of people over, that is) and degut it (or whatever you call it) just like you normally would.

Next, grab a bottle of your favorite beer. Place it on the pumpkin, trace a circle around it and then cut it out. Once you've made sure said beer bottle fits in there nice and tight, just repeat the same process for as many beers as you'd like.

Once you're done carving, grab a big bag of ice and dump it into that sucker. If you really want to amp up the spookiness, use dry ice to create that eerie mist effect (just make sure you don't touch it for too long or, oof, frostburn). In either case, you'll have the coolest cooler on the block.

#2 Turn it into a keg

Want to cut out the middleman from option 1 and just serve drinks straight from the pumpkin? Well, YOU CAN, and in 5 easy steps!

What you'll need:
– A pumpkin
– A tap
A knife! (or a coring tool)

Step 1: Purchase pumpkin and tap
Step 2: Scoop out them seeds
Step 3: Cut out a 2-3'' hole near the bottom of the pumpkin
Step 4: Insert tap into pumpkin and secure
Step 5: Pour in your beer

#3 Use it as a punch bowl

Want to combine the ease of option 2 without having to worry about the functionality? Well blah blah blah you get the deal.

Take a pumpkin (you should have one of those BTW) and cut a hole in the top. Maybe even cut it in little zig-zags for dramatic effect. Hollow it out until you can swear you hear a voice calling to you from the abyss inside it and then pour in your favorite mixed drink – we'd recommend one of these batch drinks or an amped-up version of these Halloween-themed cocktails. All you need to do is add ice and then you can even make little serving glasses out of smaller pumpkins and gourds because hey everyone loves cute small stuff.


Okay so this one isn't drinking-related per say but c'mon, did you expect me to just see this epic homemade pumpkin catapult online and not talk about it. Because if you did how dare you.

All you need to make it is some plywood, a few 2 x 6's some plumbing parts and an engineering degree and you'll be launching pumpkins close to 100 feet in no time. Personally I'd recommend *not* combining this with drinking and definitely not doing it within range of any neighbors/public streets/churches but hey you live your life and some days you just gotta launch some 'kins if you know what I'm saying.

Try these and share with us on Twitter @drizly and Instagram @drizlyinc.