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The Best Drinks To Take Camping

Ah, the Great Outdoors – breathing in fresh air, listening to babbling brooks and waking up to birds chirping.

Just because you're out in nature, doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to relax with drink or two. So we scoured the Internet for the best drinks and tips to keep the party going, regardless where your travels take you. Here are the ones that caught our eye.


This is obvious, but not the easiest to bring camping. Beer can get heavy because you're probably not just bringing one with you. To get around this, first we suggest cans over bottles. You can crush them when finished, and minimize your haul to the recycling bins. Second, did you know there is powdered beer? Yeah it sounds gross, but for serious backpackers, this is the way to go to lighten your load. Finally, skip the cooler and ice, and just chill your beer in a stream. When you're done, you can use empty cans to make a camp stove.

The Hard Stuff

You can never go wrong filling up your flask to keep yourself warm at night with your liquor of choice. 

DIY Premixed Cocktails
With just a few ingredients and some zip-top plastic bags these portable boozy-slushes pack a serious punch.

The Bloody Muddy Mary
What you'll need: Tomato juice, vodka, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, ground pepper, hot pepper sauce. If you want to do it up, include a celery stalk, pickle spear, lemon wedge or lime wedge for garnish. Just because you're roughing it doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself.

Mountain Margarita
What you'll need: Lemon-Lime Gatorade, tequila and fresh snow. (Note: must be camping near fresh snow for this to work. Duh.)

Are you and your camp buds wine lovers? Pick up a few kinds of boxed wine (Try Bota Box) to tote along. As Bon Appetit suggests, throw away the box and just take the bag of wine. Packing light? Smaller and easy to toss into any cooler, canned wines are great for anything from a day hike to a week-long trek in the great outdoors.