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Anyone planning to host a football viewing party knows first impressions are everything. To make your party unforgettable, keep your fridge stocked and cue up this football drinking game to play along with the game from home. This game works for all teams, so anyone can play no matter who they're cheering for.

Let the Games Begin

Take one drink when…
  • If a player being introduced has a hyphenated last name
  • Ed Hochuli shows off his guns while calling a penalty
  • Camera pans to team owners or a celebrity
  • You see a cheerleader
  • An announcer references talking to a player or coach the day before
  • Anyone talks about a team having a strong training camp
  • Deflategate is mentioned
  • Anyone says “Superbowl"
Take two drinks when…
  • A challenge flag is thrown 
  • A coach reaches a 5 or higher on the “freak out" scale 
  • If a kickoff is returned for a touchdown 
  • QB gets sacked 
  • A player does a celebratory dance after a touchdown 

As always, please drink responsibly.