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The best beer and pizza pairings

Name a more iconic duo than pizza and beer. We'll wait. There's a reason this classic duo is so famous. Actually, there's at least three. Reason #1: cheese. Reason #2: beer. Reason #3: the right beer will actually make your pizza taste better. Talk about a symbiotic relationship.

We're all about celebrating the perfect food-to-drink match, particularly with two of the best things on earth. So we've done some research and rounded up some of the most complementary pizza and beer pairings. Read it for your own good.

Margherita Pizza

Pairs with: Pilsner like Pilsner Urquell

A go-to when you're not trying to overcomplicate the pizza game. The margherita is a study in simplicity, so naturally it matches perfectly with a refreshing and delicate beer like a pilsner. The crisp malt backbone of a pilsner complements the crust of the pizza, while a soft bitter finish helps cut some of that fattiness of the cheese. Pilsner Urquell, known as the “original pilsner," is a great example of a pilsner, with hoppy herbal notes to complement the basil, a staple topping for this style pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pairs with: Pale Lager like Stella Artois

Pepperoni is one of the most popular pizza toppings in America. Second only to pineapple (THAT'S RIGHT WE SAID IT). It adds a nice kick of spice to pizza, which is why you'll want a light, malty beer to help wash it down with – a Stella Artois, for instance. With some bitterness and a crisp finish, this European-style lager fits the bill perfectly.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Pairs with: Amber Lagers like Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Buffalo Chicken pizza has it all. Chicken. Hot sauce. Blue cheese. Other things. That said, it can get a little heavy on the spice. To stop the burn, we recommend a caramel-y, nutty flavored and low ABV beer. Too much alcohol will accentuate the pizza's heat, and the caramel malt will complement the breaded fried chicken. Samuel Adams Boston Lager, an Amber lager, has the right amount of malt and a crisp, clean finish from the lager yeast to stand up on its own against the ragin' buffalo.

Meat Lover's Pizza

Pairs with: Witbier like Allagash White

A Meat lover's pizza lives by the rule that 'more IS more'. While the actual kinds of meat toppings you will see on this pizza may vary, a tart, highly refreshing beer with some spices will cut the fattiness in most cases. A Witbier like Allagash White should do the trick. Witbiers are made with coriander and orange peel that will accentuate the natural sweetness of pork and complement spicy pepperoni, sausage or whatever else you choose to put on your meatstrosity.

Hawaiian Pizza

Pairs with: West Coast Style IPA like Ballast Point Sculpin IPA

Love it or hate it, this polarizing topping style is a staple in most pizzerias, and in our hearts. Oddly enough, the tangy, sweet pineapple and salty ham works best with a hoppy IPA. Sticking to the warm west coast theme, Ballast Point's Sculpin IPA is a great compliment to the tropical toppings (troppings?). The fruity notes pair nicely with the pineapple while their hint of bitterness cuts through the saltiness of the ham.

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