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Svedka Vodka

Svedka Vodka

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Product Description

Svedka is an iconic Swedish brand of vodka crafted in Lidköping, Sweden, that is 40 percent alcohol, or 80 proof. The name is a combination of the Swedish words Sverige ("Sweden") or Svenska ("Swedish") and "vodka." Each bottle of Svedka is made using four pounds of Swedish winter wheat and crystalline water from the country's icy underground springs. Since the brand uses a process called continuous distillation, the ingredients are always in motion, never allowed to pool or stall. The result is a distinctively pure, clean and crisp finish that has become the bestselling brand in the world. You can drink Svedka straight to experience its pure flavors, but most people prefer it mixed in cocktails because the aftertaste is somewhat bitter. When cold, straight Svedka is largely reported as flavorless in the mouth with a mild bitterness at the back of the throat, leading to a slight burn on the way down. The taste is quite subjective, though, as not everyone will have the same experience with Swedish vodka. Fortunately for us all, Svedka perfectly suits a number of cocktails. One no-fuss option is to mix Svedka with tonic and a twist of lime for a refreshing drink over ice. It's also great with ginger beer or lemon-lime soda. In the mood for a dirty martini? Mix Svedka with olive brine and optional dry vermouth with ice, garnished with extra-large olives. For something sweeter, opt for a White Russian, which blends Svedka with coffee liqueur and heavy cream. Yum! Buy Svedka Vodka online through Drizly and have it delivered directly to your door or pickup in store.

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