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Strongbow Gold Apple

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Strongbow Gold Apple has a wonderful transparent gold color, a rich and complex aromatic array dominated by several varieties of apple and a refreshing texture with a true balance between first acidity, sharpness and sourness; and then sweetness and softness. Strongbow is the world's leading cider brand, originated from Hereford (UK), where we have our own 1 million apple trees to make cider from.

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Drizly Expert Notes

Strongbow Gold Apple Cider is a fruit forward, refreshingly balanced apple cider coming from the creative cider minds of the United Kingdom. Inspired by nature, the cider makers at Strongbow rely on fresh grown orchard apples for the intoxicating flavors and aromas of their well blended libation. After harvesting a variety of the ripest apples, the pulp is pressed and the juice is extracted and fermented cool and slowly, allowing for a smooth and rich apple flavor in every bottle or can.

Pouring a clean, golden hue reminiscent of your favorite childhood apple juice on a sunny day, it's an inviting moment when you see this cider gracing the walls of an English pint glass. The aromas are simple, but ideal. Sweet slices of red apples, hints of tartness from green varieties, nuances of tannin from apple skins and cores, all blend together, billowing over the top of the glass like a fresh apple pie sitting in a kitchen window, cooling in the breeze. The flavor is equally balanced, combining the profile from dozens of different European apple varieties. There is a delightful, almost youthful sweetness to the cider from the dessert varieties in the blend, but is balanced well with the dry fermenting yeast and tartness from the more bitter, acidic cider apples. The finish is a thirst quenching, not overly alcoholic, masterfully blended apple flavor.

Strongbow Gold Apple Cider can add character to dozens of meals. The dry, fruit quality makes a wonderful accompaniment to fresh sashimi, salty oysters, or even a lightly battered and fried fish filet. It can be used to create a wonderfully sweet bbq sauce or simply paired with a slow cooked rack of spare ribs smothered in a favorite sauce from your grandmother's recipe books. Try using Strongbow in your cocktail recipes if you are feeling extra creative and invite yourself to sip on a glass over a celebratory New Year's eve or in a relaxed setting while sharing a backyard picnic with friends and loved ones.



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