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All About Stout

Dive into the dark stuff. Sure, stout beer looks like a glass full of ink, but don't let that shake you. The black, opaque appearance might be intimidating, but stouts are actually smooth and, surprise, not very strong. In fact, they're often lower in alcohol than typical American lagers. Because stouts have less carbon dioxide than other beers, they're less carbonated and have a creamy texture.

The complex, round flavor comes from roasted barley, which also gives the beer flavors of bitter chocolate and espresso as well as its signature color. And since you can't talk about them without bringing up Guinness stout, let's do that now. The traditional Irish dry stout is as delicious now as it was upon creation in 1821. Still no idea how bartenders get those shamrocks into the foam of your glass, though.

Ideal Serving Temperature:

Cool (45-50 degrees)

Suggested Glassware: 

Stein or pint glass

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