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Sixpoint Resin

Sixpoint Resin

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RegionNew York, United States

Product Description

Sixpoint Resin is one of the hoppiest beers available, relying on the resin in hop cones for its eponymous name. Self-admittedly, brewmasters almost spit it out upon their first taste, citing the lupulin shift. The lupulin shift is nature's way of indicating bitterness and subsequently, poison. But you shouldn't fear the hop cone, resin or the bitterness that overwhelms your taste buds. Instead, you should embrace everything that it's bringing to you. At 9.1 percent ABV, this Double IPA has a blend of bitterness and sweetness that's good for just about any occasion. A product of the Sixpoint Brewing Company from Brooklyn, New York, Sixpoint Resin is about celebrating everything that makes hops a quintessential part of a beer. Think of it as hop candy. You aren't quite sure when or why you started to love it, but it's a coming-to-God experience that either opens your eyes to the light or brings you to the dark side. Piney, hoppy and resinous, Sixpoint Resin clocks in at 103 IBUs, so if you aren't ready, bitter beer face may become a reality. If you know what you're getting yourself into, it's actually a slap in the face that feels oh so good. It uses dozens of different hops, so there's no one flavor that dominates. There's no foul in sipping it right out of the can or letting it breathe a bit in a pint glass. Just get ready for it to throw a taste uppercut that might knock you down.

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Drizly Expert Notes

Sixpoint Resin is a 9.1% Double IPA bursting with classic American hops like Chinook and Centennial to showcase their “resin" and pine flavors. Constantly evolving, Sixpoint has recently revamped their core selection and Resin is now unleashed of its hop expression and is now unfiltered. If you haven't had a Resin recently, it is a different animal from years ago or even months ago. Don't hesitate and try what Resin has to offer now with its explosive hop aromas, balanced by its biscuity sweet malt body and balanced bitterness and alcohol to dry out the finish.

Founded in 2004, Sixpoint is one of New York City's classic craft breweries. Along with their constant recipe improvements and the exciting small batch Mad Scientist Series, Sixpoint will finally open their brewery doors in Red Hook, Brooklyn, for direct to customer sales based off of their innovative new brewery sales app. Get on the app and easily reserve your beer for a convenient pick up without having to wait on long lines.

Pair this bold Double IPA with its medium plus malt body and resinous hop flavors with heartier dishes like barbecue ribs with Carolina sweet BBQ sauce, bacon cheddar cheeseburger, charred leeks with parsley dressing, and creamy coconut beef curry.



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