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Holiday PickSierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

Sierra Nevada Celebration Fresh Hop IPA

Prices from: $7.49 - $26.99
RegionCalifornia, United States

Product Description

One of the first American-style India Pale Ales, and one of the few hop-forward holiday beers on the market, Sierra Nevada Celebration is famous for its intense citrus and pine aromas that evoke a sense of seasonal cheer. The flavors are bold and intense with Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hops that showcase the best of Sierra Nevada's brewing style. There's a nice bitterness to complement the floral hops, plus a decent malt backbone giving the IPA a solid foundation. With its full, hearty character and a generous portion of barley malts, Celebration Ale represents a time-honored tradition that beer lovers the world over love. When you pop open a bottle of Sierra Nevada Celebration, the holiday season is officially underway! Sierra Nevada Celebration pairs nicely with fish and chips, polenta and grilled veggies and cheese boards. It also tastes great with roasted turkey and dressing, making this your go-to beer for Thanksgiving dinner. Celebration Ale contains 6.8-percent alcohol content by volume and is a clean amber color. There's also a reason it's crafted from the first hop harvest of the year. Most of the world's hop harvest occurs between August 31 and October 31, and since there's nothing quite like the magic of those first hop bales, Sierra Nevada has bottled something truly special. There's a light, summery quality to this harvest ale, making it a standout choice among heavier options. Share it with your family this holiday season and give everyone at the table reason to celebrate!

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