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Sapporo Premium Beer

Sapporo Premium Beer

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Product Description

Sapporo Premium Beer was originally brewed in 1876 by Japanese brewmaster Seibei Nakagawa. Trained in Germany Serbei has a true passion for his craft. Whit authentic brewing techniques and quality local ingredientes he developed a perfectly balanced golden lager.

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Drizly Expert Notes

To say Sapporo Premium Beer is old would be a drastic understatement. It is the oldest beer in all of Japan, and was founded in the 19th century, more specifically, 1878. Sapporo's first brewmaster learned his craft at a very young age, in the esteemed beer making country of Germany. His early passions and training are still very prevalent as to why Sapporo is what it still is to this day. You can easily recognize Sapporo Premium from its shiny, silver can, made from steel and featuring its prominent gold star.

The original and iconic Sapporo Premium, a refreshing American style lager, has long been the number one selling beer in the United States from all of Asia. Sapporo Premium comes in at 4.9% ABV, so going for the sleek and stylish 22 oz. steel can is sure to leave you refreshed and satisfied. The beauty of this can, besides its sleek design, is that the steel shell helps keep your beer extra cold for a little bit longer than other beers.

It has a yellowish/straw color, with a pleasantly light aroma, and finishes crisp, with a touch of sweetness, and with a hint of hoppiness. It truly is a well-balanced lager with light carbonation, moderate alcohol, clean finish, and memorable taste. It is a perfect beer to pair with all types of cuisine from Japanese of course, to Thai rice noodles, all the way to grilled chicken. It will not overpower your meal, so make sure your meal doesn't do the same and it will be a match made in Japanese beer heaven.



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