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All About Rum

Pirates had the right idea. Sorta. Sipping rum also makes us want to hang near a tropical body of water. But all that robbing and pillaging would really kill the buzz. Before the pirates got their hands on it, rum was an accidental byproduct of the sugar craze during colonial times. Sugar production created huge amounts of molasses. Soon it was discovered the sticky, sweet substance could be fermented and distilled. Then rum took off. It's long been a traditional drink in the Caribbean, but thanks to its popularity amongst sailors, navy men and pirates, it quickly spread across the world.

How to Drink It:
Just drinking the classics would keep you at the bar for a whole vacation. Piña coladas, Mojitos, Mai Tais, Daiquiris, Dark and Stormies and Rum and Coke are all staples. While most light rums are best in cocktails, drinking dark rum straight reveals its distinctive flavor.
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