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All About Prosecco

Is Prosecco the same as Champagne? For brunching purposes, yes. But technically, no. It comes from the Veneto region of Italy, just north of Venice, and uses Glera as its main grape. As opposed to the yeast-driven toast and nuts flavor of Champagne, Prosecco has more of an emphasis on fruit and aromatics. Some people find it more light and slighter sweeter than a Champagne although both are often Brut (dry) in flavor.  The process for making Prosecco is far less expensive than the labor intensive method of making Champagne. For Prosecco, the second fermentation takes place in giant steel tanks (not riddled the bottle), which is far more efficient and affordable than Champagne. This entire process makes Prosecco an affordable but still delicious option for sparkling wine. Cheers to that!

Food Pairings: 

With sunglasses, morning drinking and a brunch menu. OJ is also acceptable. But if the bubbles have you feeling fancy, go for fruit-driven appetizers like prosciutto-wrapped melon and fresh seafood like oysters or shrimp cocktail. For a fun twist Asian dishes such as Pad Thai or vermicelli noodles pair exceptionally well this this sparkling wine. 

How Do You Say Prosecco? 

Prosecco Pronunciation: Prosecco = "Pro-seh-co"

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