Pinot Noir

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All About Pinot Noir 

Most people think big, bold flavors when they hear 'red wine' but that's not always the case... meet Pinot Noir. Pinots have a more subtle flavor with varying notes of berry, vanilla, tobacco, mushroom and more. Pinot Noir has a much lighter body than other red wines. Translucent in color and a muted nose only add to the complexity of this exceptionally popular wine. The medium to high acidity give this red wine a clean dry finish in the palate. 

Food Pairings: 

Pinot Noir is considered a wine that pairs well with many different types of dishes - from salmon and lighter fish to more rich meats like duck or even roast beef. Pinot pairs very well with creamy dishes and grilled foods as well. The medium to high acidity in Pinot Noir wines helps to cut through fat and heighten flavors. Stick to rich flavors rather than overly spiced dishes to complement well with the wine. 

Serving Suggestions: 

As with most red wines, we recommend serving Pinot Noir wine slightly below room temperature. Chill your wine in the fridge and remove about 30-40 minutes before serving, if you have a wine fridge store your wine at 55 degree Fahrenheit and remove 10 minutes before serving. 

Where is Pinot Noir Produced? 

Pinot Noir grapes are grown practically everywhere. The highest growth (measured in total hectares of vineyard) happens in France, US, and Germany respectively. 

How do you say Pinot Noir? 

Pinot Noir Pronounciation: Pinot = 'Pee-no'  Noir = 'N'war

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