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Pickleback Shot

Pickleback Shot

Pickleback Shot

  • whiskey
  • shot
  • bourbon
  • st. patrick's
  • Level: Easy
  • Prep: 1 min
Bartender Reggie Cunningham of the Bushwick Country Club bar in Brooklyn is credited with naming and popularizing the Pickleback shot in May 2006 after a customer requested a drink of pickle brine. Reggie suggested a shot of whiskey first, followed by the shot of pickle brine.The unusual combination of whiskey and pickle juice has become a favorite at bars everywhere since.


For a fun twist, follow along to learn how to make pickle shot glasses for your next round of Pickleback Shots.


  • Shot glass

How to Mix

  1. Pour a shot of bourbon whiskey, and a chilled shot of pickle juice (the original is made with McClure's spicy pickle brine)
  2. Take whiskey shot and chase with pickle brine

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