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What's On Tap at Drizly?

Fresh kegs are always flowing at the Drizly headquarters. Here's a running tally of what's on tap and why we chose it. We recommend reading along with beer in hand. 

9/28/18: Samuel Adams Octoberfest

Flavor Notes: Roasted Sweetness, Light Hops, Smooth Finish Smooth

Why We Chose It:

Because it's fall and we're in Boston, that's why. Sometimes you really don't need to overthink these things. This is a real nostalgia play for us. For plenty of our office, this was the very first Octoberfest they ever sipped. We've grown up, we've explored, our horizons have broadened, but this classic is still part of our core. We always know the fall has officially arrived when we start seeing this beer around, and this year we decided to bring that comfortable feeling straight to our very own kegerator. 

8/14/18: Sixpoint Sweet Action

Flavor Notes: Smooth, Peachy Aroma, Hazy

Why We Chose It: 

Well, we needed a hop break, for one. And Sweet Action is as crisp as those end of summer, early fall nights we love so much. It's, by design, a bit of an undefinable beer. Sixpoint combined a wheat beer, lager and pale ale into one to come up with Sweet Action and what's left is, well, unique. Plus, they never stick to exactly the same recipe, so this brew changes over time and we just needed to see what it was like these days because it had been too long.

7/2/18: Lagunitas IPA

Flavor Notes: Hoppy, Bitter, Floral, Citrus

Why We Chose It:

OK, maybe we've got a problem with Pale Ales and IPAs. We wouldn't classify us as hop heads, we just happen to be on a hop kick at the moment. Anyway, back to Lagunitas. It's a classic and we appreciate a classic. And also we had to take a break from the East Coast. It's got a medium body with citrus aromas and a real clean finish. There's a lot of bitterness here but it somehow avoids being overwhelming, so the finish is nice and clean. Clean enough that we've seen plenty of people going back for refills. 

6/20/18: Whirlpool by Night Shift Brewing

Flavor Profile: Soft, Citrus, Juicy

Why We Chose It

We place a Drizly order for the office almost every Friday. People request Whirlpool so often we decided to go ahead and a keg. It was empty in record time. Only a matter of time 'til we order another one. Whirlpool is a prime example of what a low-alcohol American Pale Ale can be and a clear indication why Night Shift is one of the most popular breweries in the Boston-area scene. You can challenge yourself to hone in on the tropical fruit flavors from the Summer hops and the floral, earthy elements of the Mosaic hops. Or you could crack one and enjoy a sunny afternoon. That works, too.

5/17/18: Glorious by Lord Hobo

Flavor Profile: Bright, Hazy, Tropical Fruits

Why We Chose It:

It's delicious. That's really enough for us. This is a true New England Pale Ale and since a lot of us are from New England, we're total suckers for it. Another staple of the weekly office order, it's got fruity flavor notes along with justttttt enough hoppy bitterness for a perfect balance. And it's the rare beer that you crave just as much in the dead of winter as a summer heat wave. Which is quite an accomplishment which we'd put right on the packaging if we were in charge. So how about putting us in charge, Lord Hobo?