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Night Shift Santilli

Night Shift Santilli

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RegionMassachusetts, United States

Product Description

Bronze Medal Winner in the 2016 World Beer Cup American IPA category; Santilli is a smooth-sipping IPA with massive hop profile; crisp, tropical and delicious; named after our address on Santilli Highway in Everett.

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Drizly Expert Notes

Night Shift Santilli is the brewery's flagship and award winning 6% ABV IPA, Bronze medal for American IPA at 2016 World Beer Cup. Santilli IPA pops off with floral and light herbaceous qualities, light crackery malt, as the beer finishes with grass, floral, hints of dank and a gentle resinous and piney bitterness. This IPA remains crisp by relying on softer pillowing malts landing on the tongue. The name of this crushable IPA comes from a local street in Everett, MA, where Night Shift is based out of.

Night Shift was founded in 2012 by a trio of friends who homebrewed. They began homebrewing together in 2007 and called themselves “Night Shift Brewing," as they would work their normal jobs during the day, and return to homebrew at night. After 4 years and as the demand for their beers increased with friends and family, they began writing up a business plan in 2011 to open up a brewery. They were able raise enough money to build a 3.5BBL brewery that soon opened in 2012. Night Shift quickly grew out of this space within 2 years and opened up a larger 30,000 sq. ft. and 20BBL brewery.

As for food pairing, Night Shift Santilli would pair with lighter fare than most IPAs, including salads and Indian dosa with mint chutney. 



Pale Straw


Pale Gold

Deep Gold

Flavor Profile



Tropical Fruit

Food Pairings

Salads & Greens

Fish - White

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