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Newcastle Brown Ale

Newcastle Brown Ale

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RegionUnited Kingdom

Product Description

Newcastle Brown Ale is an iconic brand and the No.1 packaged ale in the UK. It is sold in over 40 countries worldwide. Newcastle Brown Ale’s delicate fruit aroma, and caramel and nutty malt taste make it pleasurable and easy to drink.

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Drizly Expert Notes

Newcastle Brown Ale is a session English Brown Ale. It was originally brewed in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, but is now brewed by the brewing giant, Heineken, at John Smith's brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England. This beer, much like porters, was traditionally brewed as a low to mid alcohol brew for the working class of England. It was first brewed in 1927 in Northeast England, home to heavy industry, such as ship-building, salt making and the petrochemical industry. The workers of England at this time enjoyed approachable beers they could drink on a workday with the body and malt flavor a brown ale or porter has.

This beer pours dark amber to brown, clear, with a two inch white head that sticks around for a little while. The aroma is a mixture of caramel, nuts and raisins. The taste of the beer is caramel, molasses, nuts and raisins. The mouth feel is light and creamy with a dry finish, and is quaffable with plenty of warming malt flavor.

Newcastle Brown Ale is best enjoyed after a long day in the fall or winter, depending on where you live. The sweet toasty, caramel malt will help take the load off, warm you up and relax you in a pub or the comfort of your own home.


Amber Brown


Ruby Brown

Deep Brown

Flavor Profile




Food Pairings

Duck & Game Bird

Fish - Meaty & Oily

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