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Mountain Dew Drop-In

Mountain Dew Drop-In

Mountain Dew Drop-In

  • shot
  • liqueur
  • beer
  • Level: Easy
  • Prep: 5 Min

This 'totally rad' combo of melon liqueur, lemon-lime soda, and light beer results in a bubbly bomb drink with a flavor reminiscent of Mountain Dew. 



  • Shot glass
  • Pint glass

How to Mix

  1. Fill your pint glass half way full with the light beer
  2. Next, fill the rest of the glass with the 7-Up. (Make sure to leave about an inch or so of room in the glass for when the shot goes in)
  3. Fill a standard sized shot glass with the Midori Melon Liqueur and then drop entire shot glass into the pint glass and consume immediately.