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Monopolowa Vodka

Monopolowa Vodka

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Product Description

VODKA MONOPOLOWA is an excellent, smooth and dry vodka, particularly popular in Poland and in the United States, produced in Austria in accordance with an old family recipe from the highest quality triple distilled rectified spirits obtained from special varieties of potatoes.

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Drizly Expert Notes

For over 200 years, JA Baczewski has made Monopolowa Vodka with an old family recipe and secret varieties of potato. This is a vodka drinker's vodka. It's meant to be sipped freezer-cold, on the rocks or as a dry martini with maybe a twist of lemon. It doesn't need much.

The nose is clean and medicinal with faint notes of fresh herbs. You'll taste limestone, mild melon and an echo of anise. What you'll remember most is the viscosity. It coats the tongue and lingers with a lush mouthfeel. If you swirl some in a glass like you would with wine, you'll see its legs.

This pleasant oiliness is a characteristic of potato vodkas. Yes, vodka is light and "neutral" but the good ones like Monopolowa have plenty of taste and character. A touch of citrus cuts through the thickness.

To do a lemon twist right, start with a proper channel knife. Grip it V side up over your icy Monopolowa martini. Hold a lemon on top of the knife and cut a smooth groove through the skin, keeping the knife still and turning the lemon. You'll see the citrus oil misting the glass. The yellow ribbon is pretty, but it's this spray that adds flavor and aroma.

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