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Mixology Astrology: What's your sign?

Have you ever tasted a cocktail that's perfectly paired to your personality? Now's your chance. We've mixed up 12 drinks to match the zodiac calendar but we didn't stop there. We matched the prominent personality traits of each zodiac sign with the spirits and flavors in the drinks. Next time you're shaking things up at home consider one of these celestial cocktails. 


Aquarians tend to be the MacGyver of their friend group; they're drawn to a creative use of materials on hand, so a cocktail that combines soda, a muddled garnish and delicious booze makes the Waterbearer feel like a happy hour trendsetter. 


Pisces tend to be exotic and alluring people, so a sexy martini glass filled with a tropical concoction matches their personality to a T. A cocktail that allows them to escape from the everyday and be transported to somewhere more exotic is an ideal match for their free-spirit state of mind. 


This sign is all about pushing the boundaries and testing the waters. What better way to highlight their assertiveness and bravery than conquering a jalapeno infused tequila. Bold Aries like to take life by the horns, so when it comes to their cocktails why play it safe?


Taurus men and women want simple, classic and uncomplicated flavors. They love nothing more than the reward of choosing a quality ingredient that mixes well into a cocktail, and never disappoints.  A Taurus should spend some time finding their perfect gin, and it may take a while since they all have different flavor profiles, but fear not these people have the patience to hold out for perfection. 


Sociable Geminis are the perfect match for the brunch-favorite bellini (with a little twist to represent their adaptable and creative side). Similar to a popping a bottle of bubbly, nothing gets the party started like a Gemini stealing the spotlight. 


Few drinks are more classic than an old fashioned. It's a welcoming cocktail that highlights the chosen spirit and oozes with a friendly and familiar combination of flavors. Cancer signs welcome the opportunity to catch up with friends over a drink. 


It's takes a certain level of confidence to combine these flavors in a drink that tastes as unexpected as it looks. Leos are the life of the party, they'll enjoy showing off their mixology skills to anyone that's willing to watch. 


Virgos crave clean, crisp, fresh flavors. What better than a sangria infused with seasonal fruit? A lower alcohol cocktail made with wine instead of strong spirits, helps to keep them clear-headed and ready to tackle their next philosophical debate. 


The perfect balance of flavors in this drink make for a cocktail that's quite irresistible. Libras have a flair for the dramatic but they also have a gracefulness about them that draws people in. At first glance a blackberry and tequila cocktail might not sound like your thing, but after one sip you'll be hooked. 


These people love the shock factor of introducing their friends to something new and unexpected. They're intense and love to control the situation. Mixing a batch of these quirky shots is just the type of conversation starter they crave. 


Sagittarians are the ultimate crowd-pleasers but they're also constantly dreaming of adventure. They're often stuck somewhere between going with the flow and exploring unchartered waters. Cue this dynamic cocktail that combines dry sparkling wine with unexpected mint and Brazilian cachaca. 


The name of this cocktail says it all. Capricorns are loyal to their friendships and their whiskey. They don't often go for a drink with exotic flavors, instead opting to stick with what they know: straight-forward ingredients and classic combinations.