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Miller Lite

Miller Lite

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RegionWisconsin, United States

Product Description

This award winning light lager is brewed with the choicest of hops and malted barley. A subtle balance between lightly toasted malts and pine and citrus hops leave this lager incredibly refreshing with a crisp, clean finish. ABV 4.17

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Drizly Expert Notes

Miller Lite is not only one of the top selling and arguably best tasting light lagers available in America today, but it was actually the first beer of it's kind. These days it seems to be a little known fact, but Miller was the first mainstream brewery to create what is now the most popular style of beer in the United States - the light lager. So, if you like combining the clean, smooth flavor of an ice cold light lager with the history attached to the innovation of the late 1960's that brought it forward to the market, perhaps this is the lager for you.

Poured into a pint or enjoyed straight out of the bottle or can, Miller Lite is best enjoyed ice cold, in its cleanest tasting and most refreshing state. A perfect pour will waft a subtle aroma of grassy and floral hops that hover over a biscuity malt essence. The flavor is dominated by those up front hops, but they come off with the subtlety of the farmers who pick them. The beer has a crisp, fresh finish, perfect for a hot summer day, but just as enjoyable on a cool winter's eve.

Miller Lite is a beer that can be enjoyed anytime. Of course it's a perfect six pack to have on ice during the Sunday game, but there is no reason it can't be enjoyed out on the front porch during a warm night or while sitting on the couch, trading stories with an old college pal. It's a light, thirst quenching beer that can complement the spiciest hot wings or the most delicate salad. Simply have it delivered, crack it open, and enjoy it. 



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