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Mayflower Porter

Mayflower Porter

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RegionMassachusetts, United States

Product Description

Mayflower Porter is a rich, complex brew that is smooth and full-flavored. Five varieties of malted barley provide notes of roasted coffee beans and bittersweet chocolate with a hint of smokiness.

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Drizly Expert Notes

Mayflower Porter is a pristine example of the classic dark ale that has been brewed in England for several hundred years. The brewmasters at Mayflower Brewing in Plymouth, Massachusetts set out with a simple goal in mind - to make beers that celebrate history through the creation of unique, high quality ales to serve the New England marketplace. Having one of the founders be a grandson of an actual beer barrel cooper who came to the New World aboard the Mayflower didn’t hurt in driving forth this passion for Old World styles. The Mayflower Porter is deep and dark, reminiscent of the way that beer was made in the days when malting techniques were a bit more rudimentary, leading to roasty, burnt malts more often than caramelized malts like we are capable of creating today. It’s a wonderful beer and a testament to old traditions. Pouring a deep black, completely opaque color, it is fairly obvious from the get go that a number of different roasted malts were used in the brewing of this ale. The aromas are of burnt lumber, dark roasted coffee beans, and freshly picked, Ecuadorian cacao nibs. The flavor is similarly roasty with notes of dark toasted bread and a fruity cup of boutique espresso. There is a noted bitterness from the hops, but the flavor is dominated by the wonderful malt character, chocolate and charred grains. Mayflower Porter is a beer best enjoyed with friends. Like the great explorers who came over on the Mayflower so many years ago, it is a beer for those filled with spirit of heart and mind. Enjoy it with family around the Thanksgiving table or with friends at your college football homecoming game. Pair this beer with English cheeses, roasted meats or a hearty stew. It’s a perfect beer for jerked chicken wings or if you have a sweet tooth, try it with a bit of tiramisu.

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