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All About Malbec

Here's a good underdog story: Malbec is basically the Rocky of wines. Seriously. They both came from humble beginnings (Philadelphia and, umm, France). They struggled to find themselves (working for a bookie and constantly dying just before harvest). They each made an epic climb (to the top of those stairs and the high altitudes of Argentina). And now they're the heavyweight champions of the world (you've seen the movie and...well just taste one if you haven't yet).  Malbec wines are bold, earthy and intense with notes of juicy berries and purple fruits. When economies the world over began to dip in the 2000's, people went looking for cheaper wine. Enter affordable, delicious Malbec. It's a go-to red wine, full of flavor at an affordable price. 

Food Pairings: 

Break out some off-center flavors like blue cheese, mushrooms and lean red meat when serving Malbec. The bold flavors of this wine also make it a great pairing with spicy and earthy flavors found in rich Mexican dishes and barbecue. 

How Do You Say Malbec?

Malbec Pronunciation: Malbec = "Mal-beck"

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