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Lychee Martini

Lychee Martini

Lychee Martini

  • halloween
  • top shelf blogger
  • Level: Medium
  • Prep: 15 min.
This lychee martini is a classy uptown cocktail with a nod to Halloween with it's 'eyeball' popsicle and bloody rim. But these fun touches also add to the fragrant flavor of this easy drink.


  • 6 raspberries
  • 4 canned lychee
  • 1/2tbsp syrup from lychee
  • 3oz gin or vodka
  • dash white vermouth


  • Martini glass
  • Shaker
  • Ice cube tray

How to Mix

  1. Put one of the raspberries into the middle of one of the lychee so the end of the berry is facing outward (ie you can't see the open part). 
  2. Press a short popsicle stick into the other end of the lychee then sit on a plate or baking sheet and freeze for at least 2 hours until frozen (you can also do the day before). 
  3. When ready to make drink, put some ice in your glass to chill it. 
  4. Crush the rest of the raspberries on a plate to form a paste. 
  5. Put the remaining lychee in a cocktail shaker or small bowl and add the 1/2tbsp syrup from the can. 
  6. Muddle/crush the lychee to release the juices. 
  7. Add the gin/vodka and vermouth and shake/stir to mix. 
  8. Discard the ice from the glass and dip the rim of the glass in the mashed raspberries to give a red rim to the glass. You can dab on extra by hand. 
  9. Put the frozen lychee 'popsicle' in the glass then strain the lychee martini into the glass and enjoy!