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Live Oak Hefeweizen

Live Oak Hefeweizen

Prices from: $8.69 - $9.99
RegionTexas, United States

Drizly Expert Notes

Live Oak Hefeweizen is as close to a traditional Bavarian hefeweizen as you likely ever thought you’d find coming out of Texas. Based in, and continuing to keep it weird, in art and music filled Austin, Live Oak is one of the oldest breweries in the area. They find peace in brewing old world beers in as traditional of means as possible and that most certainly holds true to their award winning Hefeweizen. Brewed with equal parts barley and wheat along with just the right amount of hops, the resulting beer is one of the most refreshing brewed in Texas today, which is important when the weather is a humid 90+ degrees for a solid half of the year. When enjoyed the traditional way, out of a tall, curvy German wheat beer glass, Live Oak’s Hefeweizen pours a cloudy yellow with a thick white head that never seems to want to disappear, sticking with you as you slowly make your way to the bottom. The aromas are typical of the style and executed with perfection. The special hefeweizen yeast strain exudes notes of ripe bananas and crushed cloves along with subtle hints of white pepper and orange peels. The flavor is similarly fruit forward, but balanced by the use of subtle, earthy old world hops. The wheat provides a creamy mouthfeel that makes it a pleasure to drink, cooling you down with each sip, inviting you back for just a bit more. Live Oak Hefeweizen is made for the Texas heat. A six pack should be mandatory for every refrigerator and picnic cooler during the summer months. It’s a perfect pair with a baseball game, either watching the pros or playing in your weekend league. Despite its German heritage, it is a wondeful complement to a late weekend brunch of breakfast tacos smothered in crisp bacon and cheese. Or go traditional and sip it alongside a giant soft pretzel or a shnitzel sandwich topped with creamy coleslaw. It’s hard to go wrong with this beer.

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