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All About Lagavulin

We appreciate the finer things in life and one is the unparalleled purity of Lagavulin whisky. The distillery was founded over two centuries ago on the Isle of Islay in Scotland and arguably produces the finest single malt whisky in the world. Islay itself is one of only five distilling locations protected by Scottish law. Any whisky produced there is held to extremely stringent government standards. The smoky notes of Islay whisky are partially due to the high levels of peat found in the barley, as well as the quality of water from which it's crafted. Lagavulin is named after the city where the whisky is hand-crafted. While the company officially dates back to 1816, the year John Johnston and Archibald Campbell erected two distilleries on the site, there's evidence that illicit distilling was taking place decades earlier. It's likely that Lagavulin whisky draws upon literally 300 years of experience. Drizly is proud to offer a wide line of quality Lagavulin whiskys. Their standard single malt is aged 16 years, though you can also choose from 8-year and 12-year varieties. For the ultimate experience, their 25- and 37-year whiskys will have you doing home remodels to raise the roof and truly redefine what top-shelf means in your home.