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All about scotch whisky

Scotch whisky is smooth, punchy and enticing. Savor this dark spirit by serving it over a large ice cube. Scotch is a delicious liquor that is often confused with rye whiskey. While people enjoy both of them in much the same way, they are in fact quite different.

How it's made

Scotch whisky is made in Scotland with malted barley and water. Distilleries age it for at least three years, but most of them age it for eight to ten years, creating an even smoother taste. Scotch is made in a single distillery. It ferments with yeast only. It has to mature in oak casks in Scotland, and it shouldn't contain added substances or grains. As scotch matures, the beverage turns to a golden color. Even small changes during the maturation process affect the taste. For example, scotch that's matured in European oak will taste different than that which is matured in American white oak.

Blended scotch

Single malt scotch whisky is made in a single distillery. Blended malt scotch whiskies are made by blending multiple single malt whiskies from different distilleries. Similarly, blended grain scotch whiskies are created from multiple single grain scotch whiskies. Finally, blended scotch whiskies are made by combining the above two types. Since each cask of whisky matures in its own way, blending lessens the differences and helps the producers come up with a consistent drink.

Scotch vs. rye whiskey

Scotch whisky has a distinct smoky flavor that's derived from malting, a process in which distillers expose barley to a pungent smoke while drying it. The dried barley absorbs the smoke, resulting in the unique taste. While rye whiskey has a mildly spicy taste, scotch is smoother.

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