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About High West

After a fateful Kentucky trip to the Maker's Mark distillery, biochemist David Perkins realized what had been missing from his career. Distilling and fermentation seemed like natural biological partners, and its impression on David hit the mark indeed. In 2007, David and his wife Jane found a historic livery stable in Park City, Utah — a town rich in Utah mining (and drinking) history. A 250-gallon copper still was moved in, and High West Distillery was born. However, there was still the question of how the Perkinses would earn a living while waiting the years required to age great whiskey. The secret lay in blending. Perkins quickly uncovered the best angles for this subtle science, incorporating elements such as wine fermentation and the use of other liquors like rye, scotch and bourbon. He also explored the nuances of barrel choice — French oak barrels, vermouth barrels and some that once held Syrah and other wines. Browse several High West offerings that include their Campfire whiskey, oat-distilled Vodka 7000', slightly sweet Yippee Ki-Yay and the infamous 36th Vote — a barreled Manhattan of unparalleled quality.