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White Whiskey

While it's possible you're not familiar with white whiskey, we're pretty sure you've heard of moonshine before. Moonshine is technically white whiskey; it's simply un-aged. When whiskey ages in a barrel, it gets its color. However, before it ever touches a barrel, it's perfectly clear. In the end, pretty much the only difference between moonshine and white whiskey is that taxes are paid on white whiskey.

While white whiskey might seem like a new drink, it's simply gaining in popularity. It's actually been produced since the late 18th century. It's just that distilleries now see it as an economic lifeline that they can put on the market immediately while they wait for their other whiskies to mature in the barrels.

What Is White Whiskey?

White whiskey is typically made from corn. However, it's possible to make the drink from just about anything that ferments, including sugar, rye and other grains. Distillers will grind up the corn or other grains and boil them. Next they add yeast, and then they leave it to ferment. In the final step, it's run through a still and bottled for you to enjoy.

Are There Different Flavors?

Aging whiskey in barrels gives it the subtle hints of vanilla and clove. Since white whiskey doesn't age in a barrel, the original flavor is there for you to enjoy. However, these drinks tend to mirror the grain that made it. That means you can find white whiskey that has flavors ranging from floral to citrus. For example, many people who drink un-aged corn whiskey say it has a taste that's very reminiscent of sweet corn. On the other hand, white whiskey made with rye can reflect the grain's fruity and pepper-like qualities.

Best Ways to Serve White Whiskey:

By now we've piqued your interest on white whiskey, and you're ready to try some out. But you're probably wondering what's the best way to serve it. Luckily, there's no wrong way to drink it. You can enjoy it straight up or serve it with ice. You can add a splash of soda or combine it with different ingredients to create a cocktail. The fun thing about white whiskey is that you can let your creativity shine. While barrel aging produces a great product, un-aged whiskey lets the natural characteristics of the spirit shine. All distillers have their own process, so you never know what you'll taste until you open that bottle.