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White Whiskey / Moonshine

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All about white whiskey

White whiskey vs. moonshine

Technically, white whiskey and moonshine are almost the same thing as they’re both unaged. However, in the past, there was a big difference between the two because the producers didn’t pay taxes on moonshine. Today, many “moonshine” bottles and jars only have that name for nostalgia’s sake, conjuring up thoughts of backwoods copper stills and bootleggers.

Whether you want to call your spirit moonshine or white whiskey, it undergoes the same production process as regular whiskey, but it’s clear because it doesn’t come into contact with wood barrels. Producers make most white whiskeys from corn, but there are also varieties from other grains, sugar and rye. The production process involves grinding the grains and boiling it, then adding yeast. The last step is fermentation.

Distillers have been producing this liquor since the 18th century, but it gained popularity in recent times. After all, it’s a profitable solution for distilleries because they can put it on the market immediately without waiting for it to age.

Flavor profile

White whiskeys tend to feature the same notes as the grain they contain. For this reason, some drinkers say that these liquors taste like sweet corn. The varieties made from rye can have notes of fruit and black pepper, while other varieties have a flowery or citrusy scent. Most white whiskeys lack the hints of vanilla and caramel you’ll find in bourbon

How to serve white whiskey

White whiskeys like the Ole Smoky Moonshine are delicious on their own, maybe with some ice. But you can also use them to craft cocktails like the whiskey sour, white Manhattan and even a white whiskey margarita. If you’re feeling lazy, add a splash of soda, and you’ll create a party mood instantly. 

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