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Yamazaki 18 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky*Packaging may vary

Yamazaki 18 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky

Whiskey /43% ABV / Japan

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Japanese Whisky
Years Aged

Product description

The nose of Yamazaki 18 Year is quite thick and resinous, there is a pleasant oiliness with zesty citrus and peels and a hint of sherry. Plenty of oak and orchard fruits. The palate is of medium-body with green notes and an earthen note, plenty of wood resin and a floral character with zest and sherried peels. The finish is of good length with fruit and zest.

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  • Adam S.
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    Verified Buyer

    Haha either if you know Yamasaki 18, or you don't.


Yes, whiskey is gluten-free, thanks to the distillation process used to make it. The Celiac Disease Foundation concluded that it can safely be considered gluten-free, though it’s still possible that some people with high gluten sensitivity or celiac disease could have a reaction to whiskeys created from certain grains.
Whiskey can include a large number of different distilled spirits made from fermented grain mash — usually cereal grains like rye, barley malt, wheat and corn. The drink undergoes aging in wooden containers, most often oak.
One of the reasons whiskey is so popular is that there’s no single way to enjoy it. There’s the purist route — straight and neat, no mixers, no ice — but what fun is being a purist? You can add water to it, which can enhance certain bottles’ flavors or you can add it with other ingredients to make delicious mixed drinks. It’s the foundation of the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, the Whiskey Sour and many others.

Drizly's take

Crafted by Japan's first and oldest malt distillery, Yamazaki® 18 Year Old Single Malt Japanese Whisky is an award-winning single malt. It pours a dark amber color and features scents of sherry with notes of smoke, dates, vanilla, apricot and Mizunara (Japanese Oak). Liquor connoisseurs appreciate the multilayered taste of this Yamazaki Japanese whisky with notes of dark fruits like blueberry, strawberry jam and dark chocolate, along with subtle traces of honey and malt. The drink gradually unveils other layers of flavors, including raisins, oranges and sherry, giving it extra depth and complexity.

A rich and sophisticated whisky, the Yamazaki liquor has a spicy and smooth finish with lingering hints of chocolate and espresso. Pair this bold spirit with grilled Japanese Wagyu beef, seasoned only with salt and ground black pepper, for a fine meal that showcases the best in both — the food and the liquor. This whisky amplifies the umami and grilled flavors of the expensive meat cut. Get a bottle of this well-rounded alcohol by clicking these handy links to search for Drizly in your city and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

-The Yamazaki single malt whisky is a Japanese liquor
-Features a complex taste with aromas of dark fruit and Japanese Oak
-Pairs well with meaty fare, especially Japanese Wagyu beef

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