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Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey*Packaging may vary

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey

Whiskey /40% ABV / Ireland

Product Details

Irish Whiskey
Tasting Notes
Fruity, Smooth, Vanilla, Woody

Product Description

Tullamore DEW, the original blended Irish whiskey, is known the world over for its smooth and gentle complexity. For one, it is triple distilled and patiently aged in a combination of ex-bourbon and sherry casks, developing its distinctive smoothness. Secondly, being a blend of all three types of Irish whiskey, it has a gentle complexity. The malt and the pot still whiskey we use give it citrus and spicy notes.

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Community Reviews

4.6(503 Reviews)
  • candig5
    Reviewed at
    Nov 28 2021
    Reviewed at

    This is an affordable alternative to the more popular Irish whiskeys. I bought this to make Irish Coffee, and it did the trick. Nothing remarkable about it, but it's worth a try for the price.

  • kayzsos
    Reviewed at
    Nov 27 2021
    Reviewed at

    It's a very smooth whisky. Has a little bit of caramel taste to it, not bitter at all. Great price for great taste.

  • juhig85d7
    Reviewed at
    Nov 26 2021
    Reviewed at

    Best Irish Whiskey!! I absolutely love Tullamore Dew! It is a staple and classic in terms of the Irish whiskeys! I feel like the taste and quality is significantly better than Jameson if you have a true pallete for it. I would definitely recommend this to everyone! Perfect for all whiskey lovers and perfect to give it as a gift!

  • jenifert11
    Reviewed at
    Nov 22 2021
    Reviewed at

    This whiskey was surprisingly smooth. I was prepared for something harsh, but it was actually quite nice. It's a little spicy. I think it would be perfect to be used in mixing drinks as well. I would absolutely recommend this product.

  • c9luv
    Reviewed at
    Oct 31 2021
    Reviewed at

    Firstly, please take this review with a grain of salt. I'm not a huge fan of whiskey or harder liquors. With that being said, this isn't bad. I've definitely had worse. This is nicer used in a cocktail than by itself and a lot smoother than others. The aroma is nice and, while a little strong at times, you can definitely discern some of the scents. Overall, I'm most likely not going to repurchase simply because it's not my preferred spirit, but I will definitely use this up in many cocktails.

  • shirldey
    Reviewed at
    Oct 23 2021
    Reviewed at

    I just returned from a trip to Ireland. I tried a few whiskeys, I enjoyed quite a few. So I was excited to try Tullamore Dew, I have to say for the price, it tastes great, I don't see a major difference between the more expensive brands. Can't wait to try it with coffee! Highly recommend. @influenster #Tullamoredew #cashback

  • mamaandthecas
    Reviewed at
    Oct 23 2021
    Reviewed at

    Bought as an early birthday/anniversary present for my husband. He's a big whiskey fan and it's his drink of choice for a night out on the town. Tulamore Dew has smooth and sweet taste and is the perfect whiskey for mixing.

  • Ford M.
    Verified Buyer
    Oct 23 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Criminally underpriced Irish whisky

  • oleksandras1
    Reviewed at
    Oct 20 2021
    Reviewed at

    My husband really likes this whiskey with coca-cola. Irish whiskey is the best. crafted in the long tradition

  • jasmineashley22
    Reviewed at
    Oct 19 2021
    Reviewed at

    This was my first time trying this whiskey eith my roommate and we are pleasantly surprised! I never was a big whiskey drinker but now we only shop for bourbon/whiskey and this one will be a repeat for sure!



Yes, whiskey is gluten-free, thanks to the distillation process used to make it. The Celiac Disease Foundation concluded that it can safely be considered gluten-free, though it’s still possible that some people with high gluten sensitivity or celiac disease could have a reaction to whiskeys created from certain grains.
Whiskey can include a large number of different distilled spirits made from fermented grain mash — usually cereal grains like rye, barley malt, wheat and corn. The drink undergoes aging in wooden containers, most often oak.
One of the reasons whiskey is so popular is that there’s no single way to enjoy it. There’s the purist route — straight and neat, no mixers, no ice — but what fun is being a purist? You can add water to it, which can enhance certain bottles’ flavors or you can add it with other ingredients to make delicious mixed drinks. It’s the foundation of the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, the Whiskey Sour and many others.

About The Brand

Tullamore D.E.W. is the original triple distilled, triple blend whiskey. Known the world over for its smooth and gentle complexity. Tullamore D.E.W. is named after Daniel E. Williams, the man who decided that true craft could only come from the True Character and insisted that his whiskey was made accordingly. After 60 years of waiting in September 2014, Tullamore D.E.W. resumed production in it's ancestral home of Tullamore, Co Offaly. Our new state-of-art distillery will ensure the legacy of our legendary whiskey will live on in the heart of Ireland for the foreseeable future.

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