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Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey*Packaging may vary

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

Flavored Whiskey /35% ABV / California, United States

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Product details

Flavored Whiskey
California, United States
Liquor Flavor
Tasting Notes
Caramel, Honey, Roasted, Toasty, Vanilla, Velvety
Brand Ownership
AAPI-owned, Woman-owned

Product description

SKREWBALL is THE Original, innovative peanut butter proposition made possible by a unique process. Skrewball created the Peanut Butter Whiskey Category and is a proven success story.

View all products by SkrewballCalifornia Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 WARNING

Community reviews

4.9168 Reviews
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  • choulli

    deeeeeeeeeeeeeliscious! Love this over crushed ice.

  • Aaron Horton

    Hits it on all the notes of the flavor profile anyone will want out of this take of Peanut Butter Whiskey. Bravo!

  • Lara
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    It arrived on time, very delicious, and I didn’t remember drinking it. 5 stars!!

  • Megan

    Had this with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur for PB&J shots and it was amazing!

  • Byron
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Buttery, peanut butter, toffee/caramel

  • Natalie Colon.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    This is delightful ?

  • Brittany
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Literally hands-down one of my favorite drinks!

  • Caleigh
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I wished I tipped my driver more! He was amazing! I thought it went all to the business but it doesn’t and next time I will make sure I have enough cash to tip!

  • Thomas Griffin.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    My wife loves this whiskey.

  • Taross
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    It good just a little to sweet for me great taste



Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey has a rich, sweet, peanutty flavor, and there are a few unique mixed drink combinations that make its peanut butter taste shine. To start, you can easily use Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey in a classic whiskey-based cocktail such as an Irish coffee, an Old Fashioned, a whiskey and coke, a Highball, or a whiskey and tonic. However, if you’d really like to have some fun with Skrewball, why not whip up a peanut butter and jelly cocktail? Combine 2 ounces of Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, 1 ounce of unsweetened cranberry juice, and 1 teaspoon of orange liqueur in a shaker with ice, then strain into a cocktail glass and prepare to be amazed.
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is widely available in liquor stores and grocery stores throughout the United States, Canada, and even Puerto Rico. Plus, if you live in a state where alcohol delivery is legal, you can easily purchase a bottle of Skrewball online.  With Drizly, you can see product availability in your area (so you can price shop and find the best deal) and also order Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey for delivery. Currently, Drizly partners with liquor stores and alcohol retailers in 30+ states and over 1500 cities — just enter your zip code and see what’s available near you.
You can drink Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey like you would any classic whiskey. It’s perfectly tasty to drink neat or over ice, but the unique peanut butter flavor makes this whiskey an especially inventive ingredient in some of your favorite whiskey-based cocktails. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is surprisingly versatile and pairs well with sweeter mixers (like coke and fruit juice) and more pungent and savory ingredients like coffee, Angostura bitters, and tonic water. However you choose to drink this delicious whiskey, you can order all of the cocktail necessities on Drizly’s comprehensive online alcohol marketplace.
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey makes an excellent gift for whiskey aficionados, those who appreciate uniquely flavored spirits, or simply individuals who love peanut butter. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is the pioneer in peanut butter-flavored whiskey, and despite its somewhat quirky flavor, it’s a well-respected whiskey brand. Plus, there are several sizes available if you don’t want to commit to the full bottle (for the perfect stocking stuffer, check out the adorable 50mL bottles).
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