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All about Canadian whisky

Your guide to Canadian whisky

Canada is often said to be the well-behaved child of England, with its rebellious American sibling to the south, but the same can't be said of Canadian whisky. This alcohol decided to break with tradition and become its own type of liquor.

What makes it unique?

While known as being polite and friendly, Canadians lead a rebellion with their whisky as distillers in Canada aren't afraid to alter the recipe or combine grains. After each type of grain is put through the distillation process, blenders can mix the types to create Canadian blended whisky.

Which grain is used? 

It's rye, isn't it? Not necessarily. Most whiskies use rye, but this particular whisky liquor started out with wheat. Canadian farmers, especially of Scottish heritage, didn't want to waste wheat, so they turned it into liquor. Over the years, distillers looked to other grains, and today, whisky pioneers in Canada are bold enough to use a variety of grains, including rye, wheat, corn and barley.

What does it taste like?

Light and smooth. These are the words used to describe the flavor profile of Canadian whisky. Whisky makers north of the American border age whisky in used barrels to take advantage of secondary flavors left behind from previous use, which can add fruity, floral and spicy notes to the liquor. Of course, there are also flavored whisky varieties to enjoy, such as crisp apple or honey.

How to drink it?

However you want. It's easier to drink than Scottish, Irish or American counterparts because it's lighter. It's also a good liquor to mix in cocktails if that's more your style. It may not follow the rules of most whiskies you know, but if Canadian whisky was good enough to replace the American variety during the Prohibition era, it's good enough for a place on your shelf. Shop Driz, or see if we've made it to your city. Click these links to search for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

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