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Triple Eight Bourbon*Packaging may vary

Triple Eight Bourbon

Bourbon / Massachusetts, United States

Massachusetts, United States

Product Description

Triple Eight Distillery The Storm Series Nor’Easter Bourbon Nor’Easter Bourbon Nor`easters are storms found on the Eastern seaboard that batter Nantucket on a yearly basis. They typically bring heavy rain, significant snowfall, and strong winds. These storms are similar to hurricanes, except they typically form over land rather than the ocean. When they gather strength along the East Coast, winds rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, generating a northeast wind around the North side of the storm. The origin of the name ‘Nor`easter’ comes from this wind direction. The Nor’easter bourbon bottle flies a flag from International Maritime Signal Flags symbolizing the letter W (for whiskey). The same flag also signifies “requires medical assistance” (which translates to us as “in need of more whiskey”). The climate and geography have a noticeable impact on the taste of the bourbon. The distillery’s proximity to the ocean and marine haze (Nantucket is nicknamed “The Grey Lady” ) add a touch of salinity to the bourbon. Type: Bourbon Whiskey Mash Bill: Corn, Malted Barley and Malted Rye Barrel Proof: 124 proof, 62% alcohol Bottle Proof: 88.8 proof, 44.4% alcohol Barrel: 53 gallon brand new white oak sourced from Pennsylvania and Missouri Age at bottling: Age of barrels used vary. Lead distiller Randy Hudson samples barrels and selects accordingly. Age typically ranges from 4 to 8 years. Every batch of bourbon produced by Triple Eight Distillery is a result of this type of conscientious barrel selection by Hudson. Strength: 88.8 Proof Style: Bourbon Whiskey Available In: 750 ml

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