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Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey*Packaging may vary

Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey

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Kentucky, United States

Product Description

Founded in 1795 and passed down through one family for the past seven generations, Jim Beam is the world's best-selling bourbon. From Tokyo to London to Louisville, Jim Beam sets the benchmark for what a bourbon should be, aged twice as long as required by law for a flavor that's unlike any other. Distilled with corn, malted barley, time, pride and passion, there's a reason why Jim Beam Bourbon is on almost every bar shelf. However, it isn't the name that should entice you. Opening a bottle is the best way to celebrate life events, gatherings, or just hanging out with friends. It's as versatile as it is smooth, something you've probably always aspired to be, yet it does so effortlessly. To get the distinct flavor of Jim Beam Bourbon, the distillery ages the liquor in charred oak barrels for a minimum of four years. This imparts a medium body and a caramel color that you've come to know in a bourbon. The oaky, vanilla and spicy backdrop greets you with a swirling of the bourbon, inviting you to taste what lies within the glass. When you finally raise the glass, your taste buds become overwhelmed with a five-pronged attack of sweetness, grain, oak, char and fruit. Most five-pronged attacks are best left to the battlefield or sporting event, but this bludgeons you over the head with flavors that keep you coming back. Enjoy Jim Beam Bourbon on the rocks, with a splash of water or in one of your favorite cocktails. Beam Suntory

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Community Reviews

4.8(326 Reviews)
  • Linda
    Verified Buyer
    Nov 26 2021
    Verified Buyer

    My next favorite.

  • MarieAnn L.
    Verified Buyer
    Nov 24 2021
    Verified Buyer

    I ordered 2 and I only got 1

  • Sheila S.
    Verified Buyer
    Nov 10 2021
    Verified Buyer


  • Paul
    Verified Buyer
    Oct 28 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Wrong size

  • Steven
    Verified Buyer
    Oct 23 2021
    Verified Buyer

    In all honesty that's kinda what I drink is Jim Beam but I would really prefer the gym bean black black sometimes they run out because it's a really popular bourbon and you have to remember all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon

  • Geno
    Reviewed at
    Oct 22 2021
    Reviewed at

    The smoothness is top notch bar none, I love it straight mainly but it's great as a mixer. I will buy nothing but Beam family Bourbon, it's that great.

  • Tony P.
    Verified Buyer
    Oct 19 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Great as always

  • Carrie A.
    Verified Buyer
    Oct 17 2021
    Verified Buyer

    It's Beam. It's good bourbon for a good price.

  • James
    Verified Buyer
    Oct 8 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Quick and Easy

  • Erin
    Verified Buyer
    Sep 30 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Another alcohol you probably know what’s you’re getting if you’re ordering it. Tasted as expected.