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More About Jim Beam

220 years of experience goes into every bottle of Jim Beam Bourbon. An aging process of four years in new charred oak barrels gives Jim Beam its elegant, refined and smooth character. After seven generations and 30 family members of master distillers, the Jim Beam family tradition continues today. In 2005, Frederick Booker Noe III, the great-grandson of Jim Beam, filled the 10 millionth barrel of Jim Beam, keeping the tradition of Jacob Beam alive for the next generation of bourbon drinkers.

Why Jim Beam?

For seven generations, we have continued to provide the highest quality bourbon in each and every bottle of Jim Beam. This year, we'll make history again. We're giving the entire Jim Beam Bourbon portfolio fresh, premium packaging that matches the quality of the liquid inside. Bourbon lovers, get ready for the bold new look of Beam.

Fun fact about Jim Beam bourbon: Though the distillery has been around in some form since the early 1800s, the words “Jim Beam" didn't appear on the bottle until 1938. There's a little bar trivia for your next happy hour. Even though the bourbon is rightfully considered an institution, it has moved homes more than a few times since its inception. Throughout it all, though, Jim Beam has had a family connection. The seventh-generation still has a hand in overseeing the variety of amber spirits loved by so many.