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All about blended whiskeys

What do you mean by blended whiskey?

There are many types of blended whiskeys to satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. On some bottles of this spirit, you'll see the wording "100% whiskey." This means that it's a blend of different whiskey types. Bottom line: If you can't decide between two types of whiskey, try a blend that contains both. 

Other bottles feature a blend of whiskey and neutral grain spirits, or simply added flavors. Typically, the higher the percentage of whiskey, the heftier the price tag. 

Is there any difference between blended whiskeys from different countries?

Yes, because each country has its own regulations about what is considered blended whiskey.

For example, in the U.S. blended varieties must have at least 20% whiskey. Varieties with at least 51% of a single-grain whiskey must have the name "single-grain whiskey." For example, you'll find bottles of blended bourbon, blended rye whiskey, and so on.

Scotland offers several types of blended Scotch whiskies. Blended malt scotch contains at least two malts from different distilleries, while blended grain scotch features at least two different types of grains. If the label only says "blended malt scotch," the liquor contains a blend of malts and grains.

Blended whiskeys from Ireland contain a combination of different types of whiskey: malt-based, grain-based or pot still. Lastly, Canada produces blended varieties of this spirit as well. There are not many regulations about how to produce whiskey in the country, whether blended or not. Basically, any grain-based spirit aged for three years or more can be considered Canadian whisky.

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