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Blended Whiskeys

When choosing a blended whiskey, there are several options. All blended whiskies have at least 20 percent whiskey in the bottle, and what makes up the rest can vary. Some blended whiskies offer other spirits featuring neutral grain spirits, while others simply include flavoring and coloring. Some blended whiskies include two or more specific grain whiskies, such as malt whiskey or rye whiskey.

Understanding the Types of Whiskey Blends:

You may be wondering how a whiskey is blended if it has 100 percent whiskey in the bottle. It's simple. Sometimes you'll find whiskey blends that are just a mix of different whiskeys together. The lower percentage whiskey blends are generally cheaper (though not always) and come in different flavors and styles.

If you're a whiskey drinker, you may have gotten used to seeing the aging statement on your drink. However, blended whiskey doesn't usually include this. Some countries require a minimum aging, but the blended whiskey bottles don't offer this information.

Where Does Blended Whiskey Come From?

Blended whisky is popular throughout the world. Each country and area has different criteria for an alcohol to be considered a blended whiskey.

The majority of Canadian whisky is blended. Officially, any grain-based spirit that has been aged for three years or longer in Canada can be labeled Canadian whisky. In addition, Canada doesn't specify the exact distillation limit for its whisky or whiskey blends. If you're in the mood for a Canadian whisky, consider Revelstoke, one of Canada's most popular blended whisky drinks.

At least 20 percent straight whiskey must be used in American blended whiskey. Some blended whiskies have at least 51 percent of a single-grain whisky and must be listed as such. For example, you'll find blended bourbon whiskey or blended rye whiskey on the shelves. One of the most popular blended whiskies you'll find in the United States is Southern Comfort.

Ireland offers blended whiskey featuring two or more types of whiskey combined. These can include malt, pot still and grain whiskeys. Generally, at least one of the whiskeys in these blends is an Irish grain whiskey.

Another popular place to find blended whiskeys is Scotland. There are different classifications of blended Scottish whisky, such as Blended Grain Scotch Whisky, which features at least two single grain scotch whiskies. If the label says Blended Scotch Whisky, you're getting a combination of at least one single malt scotch whisky and at least one single grain scotch whisky.