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 Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey*Packaging may vary

Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select Tennessee Whiskey

Whiskey /45% ABV / Tennessee, United States

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Product details

American Whiskey
Tennessee, United States

Product description

Sinatra Select pays tribute to Jack’s biggest fan: Frank Sinatra. Made with our unique “Sinatra Barrels” that have deep grooves specially carved into their staves to expose the whiskey to extra layers of toasted oak. This added exposure imparts a rich amber color, bold character, and pleasant smokiness, punctuated by an incredibly smooth vanilla finish. Much like Frank, this Tennessee Whiskey is one of a kind.

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Community reviews

4.224 Reviews
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  • Gerald Everett

    I love Old No. 7 because every bottle is a consistent great flavor, but OMGosh the Frank Sinatra is a smoothness second to none. Give a bottle a try and you will want to never go back ! SMOOTH !

  • zachary253
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    Jack Daniels is known across the world as one of the best wiskeys available. I personally have a collection of rare Jack Daniels. The Jack Daniels Sinatra Select is part of my collection.

  • Squire Don

    I Like most Jack products. I drove to Lynchburg with a friend back in about 1965. There was no visitor center or tours allowed back then. There was an old man on the porch of what is now the Squire house. He opened the gate and told us to be careful. He gave us some shot glasses when we were leaving. I have been a Squire since about 1978. Gentleman Jack, neat is my favorite.

  • almaa76
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    I like to try different cocktails with this liquor so I like to have it to be my preparations

  • madi_parkhurst
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    This is one of the hardest whiskeys to find!!! Was in Tennessee over the summer and visited the distillery just to find out even they were sold out! Worth every penny! Beautiful bottle and taste! Would highly recommend for those whiskey drinkers

  • juniperleejjl
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    Ya buddy, good stuff! Nothing fancy but tastes far batter then most of the new & pretentious stuff that energize seams to come out with lately. There is a reason why Jack has been around for so long: it's good!

  • Lou Armagno

    Lou here, with Sinatra Selects Band in Cleveland, OH. I sang with the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra and various locations around Northeast Ohio to celebrate Mr. S' 100th Birthday Anniversary. Wherever we landed we brought a bottle on J.D. Sinatra Select to share with special friends after each show. Fabulous...everyone loved it!

  • Tonya
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I want to return this my husband won’t drink it. I said I do not want any whiskeys.

  • Kurt

    Five stars in my book! Goes down so so smooth....i

  • kristiwarnick
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    Smooth, refreshing and tasty. This was good I'm ice with no mixer and definitely snuck up on me. I mixed some with some Diet Coke as well and really enjoyed it! I would recommend to others and but again


Yes, whiskey is gluten-free, thanks to the distillation process used to make it. The Celiac Disease Foundation concluded that it can safely be considered gluten-free, though it’s still possible that some people with high gluten sensitivity or celiac disease could have a reaction to whiskeys created from certain grains.
Whiskey can include a large number of different distilled spirits made from fermented grain mash — usually cereal grains like rye, barley malt, wheat and corn. The drink undergoes aging in wooden containers, most often oak.
One of the reasons whiskey is so popular is that there’s no single way to enjoy it. There’s the purist route — straight and neat, no mixers, no ice — but what fun is being a purist? You can add water to it, which can enhance certain bottles’ flavors or you can add it with other ingredients to make delicious mixed drinks. It’s the foundation of the Manhattan, the Old Fashioned, the Whiskey Sour and many others.
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