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Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka*Packaging may vary

Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka

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Vodka /40% ABV / United States

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United States

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As the World's No. 1 Vodka, Smirnoff No. 21 80 Proof Vodka delivers a dry finish for elevated smoothness and clarity. Each bottle is Kosher Certified, gluten free, and made from non-GMO corn for quality. Triple distilled and 10 times filtered using Smirnoff's multiple column filtration method, this award-winning vodka boasts a remarkable smoothness. Enjoy this spirit on the rocks, or use it to whip up your favorite cocktail. Simply mix this vodka with ginger beer and lime juice, and you have a classic Smirnoff Moscow Mule. This vodka is a smooth choice for creating tempting vodka cocktails to serve at your next party or get-together. Includes one 1 L bottle of No. 21 80 Proof Vodka. Please enjoy responsibly.Nose: Fairly neutral on the nose Taste: Soft on the palate with a touch of grain sweetness Finish: Clean and smooth

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4.61761 Reviews
  • Kelli Klumpp.
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  • Amzad Gafar.
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    Verified Buyer

    Arrived on time driver was very courteous

  • ArizonaMike
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    Most helpful driver, but tip goes to store and not driver? Who tips a drive through liqour store? Nobody. Drizly, make this right.

  • David Jagersky.
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    Verified Buyer

    Smirnoff my favorite vodka.

  • Kathryn
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    Too darn expensive what cost me $36 at store costs me $60 on drozzly

  • lisa gill.
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    Always a good product

  • Roger
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    Too expensive for me

  • Sharl Castro.
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    Verified Buyer

    My husband’s favorite.

  • P
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    Verified Buyer

    with so many different brands and flavored vodkas added over the years, this is the go to for drinks and recipes like Limoncello. Have to try potato vodka some day.

  • Ken




While vodkas are available in a range of alcohol contents, the United States requires that each bottle must be at least 80-proof to meet the definition of vodka — a relatively common baseline worldwide. The proof system for alcohol goes back to the 1500s in England when the government began assigning various tax rates to different alcoholic products depending on their proof (the more alcohol, the more you paid). Smirnoff, the world’s top-selling vodka brand, makes several different vodka expressions, but the original Smirnoff No. 21 contains 40% alcohol by volume (or the standard 80-proof).
Smirnoff is an undeniably classic vodka brand available worldwide and an absolute standard in any bar or home liquor cabinet. Considering the brand’s been around since 1864, Smirnoff certainly isn’t cutting corners; this is a smooth, premium vodka whose original craftsman (a Russian named Pyotr Smirnov) pioneered the charcoal filtration system now ubiquitous with distilling vodka. Sure, there are plenty of high-end vodkas that you could choose to buy, but with Smirnoff Vodka No. 21, you’re guaranteed a consistent, high-quality product that won’t break the bank.
Smirnoff Vodka No. 21 is a charcoal-filtered, ultra-smooth spirit that you can add to practically any cocktail. Smirnoff’s original red-label vodka has a consistently neutral profile, so you don’t have to worry about the burn you may have experienced with similarly priced vodkas, and you can feel confident adding bold ingredients. For a classic breakfast screwdriver, mix Smirnoff with some orange juice (or to level up a mimosa, add a heavy splash of champagne). Other popular Smirnoff-based cocktails include Bloody Marys, Cosmopolitans, dirty vodka martinis, Moscow mules, or the ultimate party drink: the vodka soda (with a wedge of lime of course).
Smirnoff Vodka No. 21 is the ultimate home bar accessory. No matter what your giftee prefers, this is a recognizable and affordable spirit that mixes well with practically everything. Considering Smirnoff vodka’s low price (the standard 750mL bottle is typically less than $20), why not splurge on a few fresh fruit juices, sodas, and other fun mixers to round out the gift? With Drizly, you can browse your local liquor store shelves via one easy app and order everything at once.

About The Brand

Smirnoff delivers award-winning vodka at an affordable price, because as a brand, we believe that everyone deserves quality drinks, and that everybody should have access to quality good times.

Check Out This Moscow Mule Recipe

Smirnoff Original Moscow Mule

  • vodka

The owner of Smirnoff Vodka, a stranger with a crate of copper mugs, and a bartender walk into a bar and…..OK, the bartender and copper mugs were already there, but what Smirnoff owner John Martin helped concoct that day in 1941 was the taste of legends.  By mixing the over-stocked inventory of ginger beer with Smirnoff vodka over ice, the Original Moscow Mule was invented and poured into the iconic copper mug.  History was served.  With so punchline necessary.

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