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Russian Standard Original Vodka*Packaging may vary

Russian Standard Original Vodka

Vodka /40% ABV / Russia

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Tasting Notes
Balanced, Bready, Pepper, Round, Smooth
Base Ingredients
Food Pairing
Beef, Chicken, Duck & Game Bird, Fish - Meaty & Oily, Fish - White, Lamb, Pasta, Pork, Tomatoes, Turkey

Product description

Recognized in its homeland and around the world as a benchmark for excellence, Russian Standard Original Vodka is unique among vodkas in that it offers both purity AND taste. Made with hardy winter wheat grown on the Black Steppes of Russia and soft glacial waters of Lake Ladoga in Russia's frozen north, the spirit is distilled multiple times, then quadruple filtered through charcoal, and relaxed for 48 hours before bottling. The result is exceptionally pure, smooth, and delicious vodka. It is a perfect vodka to sip neat or mixed in a cocktail. Russian Standard is Vodka as It Should Be. Winner of multiple Gold medals: San Francisco World Spirits, International Spirits Challenge, Beverage Testing Institute, The Spirits Business. 94 Points and Great Value from Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

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Community reviews

4.839 Reviews
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  • Drink lots comrade

    Makes me ready for the day to hunt down some Ukrainian dogs. If my tank runs out of fuel I can also use, some for me & some for Mr. Tank!!

  • Logan Goulet.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I wouldnt know, I never got it.

  • Christopher Bevilacqua.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Russian Vodka...Yes!

  • JIm Lahey

    The best vodka around. Better than Grey Goose or Tito's.

  • Aileen Bordin.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    This vodka is the best vodka I have ever tasted.

  • Neil

    This is one of the best vodkas I have tried. Yeah I know people say not to buy it because of the war, but doing that only hurts the hard working people in Russia who had no choice what their leader decided to do. I will always support the working man. Thank you for continuing to offer this product.

  • Robert
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Fantastic vodka!

  • Kirill
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Dunk on lovers of the military-industrial complex with this delicious, smooth vodka.

  • Christina

    One of the best Vodkas. It goes down smoothly snd is of excellent quality.

  • Common Decency

    Remove this and all Russian products and stop profiting from and supporting their regime. Will consider returning as a customer once that happens.



Russian Standard Vodka is, as one might hope from its name, distilled in Russia — more specifically, in the northwestern stronghold of St. Petersburg. Its makers create it from time-honored traditions and recipes using 100% Russian winter wheat, and they still filter the liquid through quartz crystal and charcoal to achieve the final product. All parts of the manufacturing process happen in Russia, from mashing and fermenting to distilling and rectifying the liquid, then filtering, relaxing, and bottling it.
Roustam Tariko is the owner of Roust International, which owns Russian Standard Vodka and distributes it worldwide. In fact, Russian Standard and Green Mark Vodka are two of the only alcohol brands that make their way from Russia to the United States. Tariko is an oligarch who created Russian Standard Vodka, making him the world’s second vodka producer and distributor. He built Russian Standard to “embody the vibrant spirit of Russia.” He also sought to rectify the fact that Russia — the planet’s largest vodka market — had not domestically produced premium vodka brands.
Though it’s commonly believed that all vodka is made from potatoes, Russian Standard Vodka is distilled from 100% Russian winter wheat in their St. Petersburg distillery, where it’s bottled at 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). Most Russian vodkas are made from grains instead of potatoes, which are difficult to grow in the cold climates of Russia. It is thanks to Russian distillers’ centuries of experience that they’ve been able to move beyond the potato to grain-based vodka.
Russian Standard Vodka is a great gift for several reasons: it’s got that delightful label that lives somewhere between pirate flag and chic, it’s a reliably A+ product, and it has enough complexity to keep even discerning vodka drinkers satisfied. Its wheat base keeps it clean and lightly sweet, with a hint of pepperiness on the palate, and the finish carries that peppery flavor with a dry and clean conclusion. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill vodka — it’s the real deal, bottled in St. Petersburg, from Russia.
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