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Canadian Beer

If you're looking for a variety of styles, colors, flavors and aromas, you'll not be disappointed with the Canadian beer options. Whether you're looking for a full-bodied beer or something light and refreshing to keep you going on a hot day, Canadian beers have what you need.

Canadian Beer Styles:

Beer is the most popular alcoholic drink in Canada. Because of this, it's no surprise that there are a number of styles to choose from.

Spruce beer is one of the oldest and most popular beer styles. It started out as a way to prevent scurvy in the 16th century. You can find both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of spruce beer around the country, and this is an authentic style of Canadian beer. The most unique thing about spruce beer is that it's made with spruce tips, no malt and flavorings such as brown sugar or maple syrup.

Another Canadian original is ice beer. The style is based on German Eisbock beer, however. When creating ice beer, the temperature on a batch of beer is lowered so much that ice crystals form. This creates a high alcohol to water ratio.

When considering the most popular Canadian beer styles, cream ale is near the top of the list. The name refers to the creamy head of the drink. It started off as a light lager offshoot. The combination of fermenting the beer at a warm temperature with storing it at a cooler temperature helps offer a delicious and unique flavor. The crisp flavor and complex aromas are extremely popular around Canada.

Canadian Beer Brands:

There are nearly 30 Canadian breweries around the country, and each offers something a little different.

One of the most popular Canadian brands is Molson. If you're looking for a pale lager, try Molson Canadian 67. The oldest of Molson beers is Molson Export, which has been around since 1903. Molson offers a variety of flavors and beer styles to suit your mood.

Another popular beer brand is Big Rock Brewery. You can get over a dozen premium beers, several value beers, some ciders and even a few contract brews from Big Rock Brewery. The Traditional offer a caramel malt flavor with a nutty tone in a medium-bodied brown ale.

A newer brewery in Canada that's making a name for itself is Unibroue. This brewery focuses mostly on Belgian-style beers, though they offer a large variety of options. One of the most popular beers they offer is La Fin du Monde, which is a conditioned golden ale.