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Clase Azul Plata Tequila*Packaging may vary

Clase Azul Plata Tequila

Silver / Blanco Tequila /40% ABV / Mexico

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Silver / Blanco Tequila

Product description

Clase Azul Tequila Plata is produced from organic Agave that have matured for at least nine years, we slow cook the Agave piñas in traditional ovens, and ferment using the company’s secret combination of yeasts. A careful distillation is done to ensure the highest quality possible, using water refined in a five steps process and triple tequila filtration to ensure superior quality. Clase Azul is bottled in unique decanters that are hand-made by artisians in local communities. Its exceptional smoothness makes it ideal for sipping and creates a sublime sensory experience rivaling the finest tequilas ever produced.

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Clase Azul Plata Tequila is a premium, expertly craft-distilled silver tequila made from the Tequilana Weber Blue Agave plant, which is grown in the Mexican state of Jalisco. Clase Azul Plata is the silver tequila option among the Clase Azul varietals. It has a famous lightly sweet taste, reminiscent of caramel and burnt sugar, with a tropical fruit aroma and a deliciously long and full-flavored finish. This unique and well-loved spirit has gained itself a near-cult-like following over the years, which consists of connoisseurs, celebrities, and casual drinkers alike.
Guadalajara native Arturo Lomeli is the founder and owner of Clase Azul Mexico, the inspired tequila company that lovingly and painstakingly produces all of Clase Azul’s tequilas. Former bar owner and lifelong local to this region of Mexico, and famous for producing excellent tequila, Arturo Lomeli sought to create a brand of exceptional tequila that also was itself a statement of Mexican craftsmanship of the highest standard. Having never been bought or sold, Clase Azul proudly remains a 100% Mexican-owned and -produced product, from the distillation of the spirit itself to the hand-crafted and strikingly unique artisan bottles it comes in.
Celiacs and gluten-sensitive drinkers alike, gather ’round because we have great news for you: Technically, all distilled spirits and liquors are gluten-free. Here’s some quick science so that you may drink worry-free: Because of the physical weight of the glutinous protein molecules as compared to the pure alcohol that rises to the top of the still during distillation, any gluten that could be present in, say, a whiskey mash, will sink to the bottom of the still, leaving pure gluten-free alcohol to be siphoned from the top. Clase Azul Tequilas, like all properly made tequilas, are made from the blue agave plant and are therefore always gluten-free, from mash to bottle.
Clase Azul Plata is a genuinely delicious and superior silver tequila. It's also oh-so-trendy due to a surge of celebrities and internet influencers taking a liking to it. Whether you’re looking for a host or hostess gift or you want to send a friend a nice bottle just because, Clase Azul Plata Tequila is a fantastic choice for gifting. This premium tequila is expertly distilled for a wonderfully smooth but flavorful spirit that will surely delight. So, order a bottle here on Drizly today.
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