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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Silver / Blanco Tequila

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      All about silver tequila

      What is blanco tequila?

      A clear white spirit, silver tequila is not aged like añejo tequila but is bottled and packaged immediately after distillation. Distilled in stainless steel containers, this variety of tequila may contain 100% agave. It's the purest form of tequila that accentuates the true flavors of the blue agave plant since it's never aged in oak barrels.

      Flavor profile of white tequila

      Also known as silver tequila, this variety has a bold flavor that may be too harsh for some palates. Since it's not aged, this drink features grassy herbal notes with hints of citrus, black pepper and spices. The sweetness from the agave rounds out the flavor, which makes it a great fit for mixing into cocktails. If you like to drink your tequila neat, choose an ultra-smooth brand of this blue agave tequila that will lend complex flavors without being too harsh on the palate. We recommend using this strong-flavored spirit to whip up mixed drinks and fancy cocktails.

      Pair it with seafood or appetizers

      Like any variety of tequila, blanco tequila pairs well with Mexican food. The bright flavor of agave in this drink goes wonderfully with cold and citrusy dishes. Appetizers, such as chips and salsa, and chilled seafood dishes like ceviche complement the bold flavor of this drink. Fish tacos and grilled seafood served with a spicy sauce also pair well with this style of tequila.

      Clear tequila drinks you can make

      This un-aged spirit can help you blend various cocktail drinks that will keep party guests coming back for more. Whether it's the classic margarita or a grapefruit-flavored Campari, a dash of vegetal flavors from this tequila brightens up the flavor of cocktails and makes them more enticing.

      Add this un-aged tequila to your home bar for your next party. Shop Driz or see if we've made it to your city. Click these links to search for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

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