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All About Silver Tequila

One tequila, two tequilas, three tequilas, floor! Few drinks pack a punch like a good tequila, so it's important to know the varieties offered. Not that we're picky — we'll take any of them!

"Silver" and "gold" are descriptors used to differentiate clear tequila from the brown stuff — not that one is better than the other. You may hear silver tequila referred to as blanco or white tequila. Whatever the name, it's the transparent alcohol commonly found in liquor stores and bars. Silver tequila looks similar to vodka (although you can certainly taste the difference!) and is bottled directly after distilling. It's rarely aged and, if so, is only aged for a short time.

Due to this straight-to-bottling process, silver tequila can taste harsh to someone used to drinking the higher-end aged varieties, which are designed to be sipped straight. Even so, silver tequila is a great, budget-friendly option for mixing cocktails and making magic happen!

How Does Silver Tequila Differ From Other Tequilas?

All tequila is made from agave, but various types of tequilas depend on how much agave is used and how much aging was involved in the process. There's some math involved, which we won't bore you with — just know that silver tequila can be either 100-percent agave or a mix. Gold tequila, for instance, is often a mix rather than 100-percent pure agave.

Gold tequila is also distilled into liquor, but it ages in barrels for that golden hue. Adding flavors such as caramel also contribute to a golden color as well as give the tequila a smoother taste. As such, gold tequila is ideal for shots, while silver tequila is best used as a mixer. We'll drink it either way, to be honest.

There's also reposado and añejo tequilas. Reposado means "rested" in Spanish and denotes any tequila that has rested for two months to one year before bottling. These tequilas are golden in color from barrel aging.

Silver tequila, by contrast, has a naturally harsh taste because it's bottled in its purest form. It may look easy to drink due to its resemblance to water, but you'd have to be a brave soul to knock one back on its own. However, if you've wondered what tequila tastes like in its natural state, sampling the silver stuff is a must. Try one that's double distilled with light hints of citrus, as these silver tequilas tend to be light, clean and dry, offering a nice, sippable balance.

Which Cocktails Are Made From Silver Tequila?

The most popular way of using silver tequila is in margaritas. With thousands of variations, anyone can find a margarita he or she can enjoy. Other great tequila cocktails include Tequila Sunrise, Paloma, Juan Collins and the martini-like Tequini.

So what are you waiting for? Buy silver tequila online through Drizly at a great price and have it delivered directly to your door. Cheers.