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The Reposado by Porfidio - Single Barrel Extra Reposado Super Jalisco*Packaging may vary

The Reposado by Porfidio - Single Barrel Extra Reposado Super Jalisco

Reposado Tequila /39.3% ABV / Mexico

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Reposado Tequila

Product description

'THE REPOSADO' BY PORFIDIO ‘Reposado’ is by definition a hybrid ageing description particular and exclusive to spirits produced in Hispanic countries. It is hybrid since any Reposado spirit in any spirits category is actually “incompletely” aged for only a few months. This is done deliberately, as such short ageing imbues a white spirit with a slight wood aroma. However, the spirit is still dominated by the raw material aroma prevalent in white, unaged spirits (in our case, blue agave). Consequently, ‘Reposado’ is neither a true white spirit nor a truly aged spirit, but a hybrid form of these two.‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is fundamentally aligned with this approach, but accommodates the taste to a less ethnically-oriented market. This is achieved by ageing ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ for seven months instead of the customary two months; hence it is labelled as Reposado “Extra”. All other product characteristics are identical to ‘The Anejo by Porfidio’. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION POINTS: • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is made from 100% Blue Agave, not simply 100% Agave. • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is made only from first-growth blue agave from the geographically delimited Jalisco • region in Mexico. • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is made from cold-pressed agave juice giving less than half the methanol content of the industry average for 100% Agave Tequila®. • The cold-pressed agave juice is enzymatically hydrolized (not thermally hydrolized) • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is distilled with a state-of-the-art German Holstein still. • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is classified as Reposado, but labeled as ‘Reposado Extra’ to highlight the extra 5 months of ageing. • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is aged in virgin oak barrels, not in previously used barrels. • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is continuously aged in hand-toasted virgin oak barrels throughout the entire ageing period. • ‘The Reposado by Porfidio’ is ocean-matured, in a Tour-Du-Monde. • The Result: What many believe to be the best Reposado made from 100% Blue Agave. Viva El Mundo Latino! PACKAGING DETAILS: • Finest quality, hand-made glass bottle • Note the detail of the red glass “fruits” on the glass cactus figurine in each cactus bottle • Note the detail of the metallic sparkle effect on the label in red color • Note the detail of the finest quality, hi-tech, natural-identical-synthetic cork • Note that each carton is varnished

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