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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Gold Tequila

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      All about gold tequila

      What is tequila?

      One of the most popular liquors in the U.S. and Mexico, tequila can only come from designated parts of Mexico. It's a distilled beverage that's made from the blue agave plant. Gold tequila is a variety of this spirit. A margarita is a famous drink that uses tequila, but you can use this versatile liquor to create other exotic cocktails too.

      What makes gold tequila different?

      Gold tequila doesn't contain 100% agave and has a brownish hue. The dark, golden color can come from two sources. Aging the tequila in oak barrels gives it a lovely dark brown hue, and some manufacturers add caramel or artificial coloring for that deep tone. With the inclusion of additives, this tequila liquor acquires a smooth taste, making it optimal for drinking straight.

      Reposado tequila is an aged liquor with a gold color. It's aged in oak barrels between two months and a year, which imparts its rich color and gives it a distinct flavor depending on the type of oak barrel used. Reposado features hidden notes of vanilla, caramel or butter with just a hint of citrus.

      Drinking this Mexican spirit

      You can drink Gold tequila in many ways, such as enjoying it as a shot or drinking it neat. Aged tequila tastes great when served chilled or on the rocks. If you're drinking tequila neat, it's recommended to skip the salt and lime, so you'll be able to fully savor the sweet notes of the agave.

      Use this refreshing alcohol to blend delicious cocktails, including martini-like drinks, fruity margaritas or spicy concoctions.

      Food pairing with gold tequila

      Aged tequila, such as reposado tequila, has a strong oak flavor with subtle hints of vanilla. Opt for a dish that matches the bold taste of this tequila, such as a smoky grilled beef with a sauce infused with warm spices like cinnamon.

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