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All About Flavored Tequila

Set aside the shot glasses, salt shakers and lime wedges, and get ready to enjoy your favorite Mexican spirit in a whole new way. Just like traditional tequila, the flavored version is made from fermented agave and will still have you dancing on the table. However, these tequilas have something that the traditional ones don't. Extra notes of flavor are added before bottling. Take a look at some of the tastiest types of flavored tequila.

Lime Tequila:

If you only drink tequila when accompanied by a slice of citrus and a shaker of salt, you'll love lime tequila, which boasts hints of both. Sip this premium spirit on its own, take it as a much less complicated body shot or shake it into a margarita for an even more flavor-packed cocktail.

Coconut Tequila:

Looking for a hint of the tropics? You'll love coconut tequila, which is surprisingly subtle and smooth. Give your next margarita a little island appeal with some coconut tequila and pineapple or balance the rich flavor by sipping it with a squeeze of a tart, juicy lime.

Cocoa Tequila:

Get that perfect balance of rich and spicy with a bottle of cocoa tequila, most of which have a hint of heat, thanks to a few jalapeño peppers. Take a spiked hot cocoa to the next level with this flavored tequila or try it in a spicy chocolate margarita.

Jalapeño Tequila:

Bring on the spice with a bottle of jalapeño tequila. Use this flavored tequila to take your brunch cocktails to the next level with a Bloody Maria or add a kick to a round of margaritas.

Cucumber Tequila:

Is it getting too hot for you? Cool down with a refreshing cucumber tequila. Mix with agave nectar, lime juice and cucumber to make a tequila cooler or stir it with cucumber, mint and tonic to make a tequila tonic.

Strawberry Tequila:

There's no shame in enjoying a wonderfully fruity strawberry margarita, and you get the most bang for your buck when you use strawberry tequila. Take this spirit in an even more sophisticated direction by making strawberry tequila sangria or a strawberry tequila sour.

So what are you waiting for? Buy flavored tequila online through Drizly at a great price and have it delivered directly to your door. Cheers.