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Flavored Tequila

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      All about flavored tequila

      Flavored Tequila

      Flavored tequila is like regular tequila but with extra oomph added to it, which helps you make some seriously delicious cocktails. From tropical fruits to spices and from citruses to coffees, you'll find many varieties to suit your palate.

      Diversity of tequila

      Tequila is a liquor that's shrouded in mystery, and added flavors make it even more mysterious. This beverage has been around for several centuries, although its flavored version is pretty new. While people often associate regular tequila with lime and salt, the flavored ones offer more diversity and can blend with other drinks to create new combinations.

      Tequila with intricate flavors

      The sign of good tequila is a typical pepper finish — it's not a burn but a spicy note. No matter which flavor you choose, it finishes with a spicy feel. Flavored types are sophisticated and complex spirits distilled from agave. Since this liquor is made from matured agave, it possesses an intricate flavor profile. Flavored varieties enhance this profile even further by mixing other distinct flavors in it.

      Characteristics of flavored tequila

      Among the different flavor profiles, some things are common in all of them. A good tequila possesses depth and complexity — in flavor as well as aromas. Experts say tequila possesses hundreds of characteristics that differ depending on the soil and region where its salient ingredient, agave, grows. Whether you like deep and dark cocoa tequila or fruity and light lime tequila, each one tastes delicious. While some people might enjoy this hard drink as a shot with lime and salt, it's also a fine spirit you should sip and savor.

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